Sample Application (Must Use) (Reference for what we need in your post. )

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Sample Application (Must Use) (Reference for what we need in your post. )

Post by Sayen on Sat Jul 18, 2009 1:16 am

  • *If you are not at or above level 60, do not apply till you are.

  • If you cannot remain loyal, aka no guild hopping, than do not apply.

  • If this is an alt, do not apply.

  • If your class is not a needed one at moment, you can apply but probably will not get in.

  • Know you will be required to group and/or raid with us a few times before being allowed in as a Trial member.

  • Trial members do not get ancients or relics or gear unless rot.

  • Length of trial membership depends on how you are in guild.

  • I will sign up using my characters name and understand why due to the link

Copy and paste this post starting here and answer following.

By posting my application I hearby say I have read the rules stated on the

sample application page. Failure to be within the rules I know I will have

my application trashed. Thank you for taking the time to read my application.




AA Amount:

Real Age (for guild chat topic purposes):


Tell Us about You (personality):

Reason for Joining:

Previous guilds:

You can get rich by dumping your friends or live semi content with friends which would you choose?

5 adjectives that best describe you:

Fomelo Link:

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